Hello there!

If you’ve reached this site, you are likely not only a fan of photography but a lover of light, color, relationships, love and laughter too!  We have that in common and I strive to capture all of those things with my photography.  I approach photography from a “capture the moment” viewpoint.  I am not a set designer.  Instead, I tend to rely on the beauty of the ordinary things around me.  If you look through my galleries you will see that I prefer very little “fanfare” with respect to props or contrived backgrounds.    As a trained photojournalist, with a BA in photojournalism, my instinct is to actually “see” things with my camera and then capture what I see.   I prefer ordinary environments, natural beauty and simple surroundings and I work with light, angles, my knowledge of my equipment and my own unique perspective to bring out the beauty of my subjects.


Take a tour through my galleries and if you love what you see, give me a call!


I live and work in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, with a studio in downtown Alpharetta at 116 N. Main Street, Alpharetta, GA 30009.  Feel free to stop by sometime and say hello.  I’m in and out but you can catch me most days in the late morning and early afternoon.


I also work in Scituate, Massachusetts in the summer and periodically throughout the year in St George Island and Apalachicola, Florida.  I am willing to go most anywhere, so if your photography needs include other locations, let’s talk.